Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shinde comment solves Pakistan terrorism problem

In what has been hailed as probably the largest masterpiece of the whole free world, Shinde has solved the entire Pakistan terrorism problem by his single comment.  With no need to send any army, no need to call any ambassador, and not even a need to sit down across the discussion table, the method adopted by Shinde has stunned the practitioners and followers of political science alike.

His comment that BJP is promoting "Hindu terrorism" has demeaned and hurt the Pakistani terrorist groups so much that they have decided to call it quits. First, it was Hafiz Saeed who quit.  The reason this is coming to news only now is because of the extreme numbness, pain and shock that Hafiz-ji felt.  Only today he could rue from his ICU bed in a private hospital, "I have worked all my life in promoting terrorism. I prided myself in preparing my boys to perpetrate terror. And I thought I was held in high regard in India for the insurmountable damage I have been causing to the country. But, this is too much. To be compared with a political party, that too which cannot even raise a proper voice against the country's most corrupt government ever, is, is ..." He was at a loss of words to describe the insult.  The only sane thing he could think of was to disband his army of terrorists.

Apparently, the event triggered a ripple effect on similar terrorist outfits in Pakistan.  Till news last came in, more than 100 such outfits have given up their arms, and are reportedly crossing the border to reach Dharamsala, where they plan to spend the rest of their lives trying to overcome grief and pain, not to talk of rage and insult.