Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The frightening pace of destruction

What is the real price of the coal allocation scam?

Can it just be measured in monetary terms? What about the destruction that it will lead to -- the destruction of forests, the destruction of habitat, the destruction of indigenous culture, the destruction of wildlife?

Can everything be justified simply in the name of "development"?

And who will really benefit from that? The big companies, their CEOs, the industrial giants, but never the people who will be displaced, never the flora and fauna that will be destroyed and possibly made extinct, never the local simple art and craft that will make way to "made in china" stuff.

The argument that this is the only alternative is just not debated enough.

And this is where as modern humans, we have failed. We just don't realise, we just don't question, we just don't care. We have failed collectively on a basis that is becoming too important to circumscribe, too large to ignore.

Frightening, disturbing, depressing?

Doesn't matter -- we are too happy to kick-start our daily journey with a different type of "colgate".